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unusual stoppers - ID = Lalique "Pouilly" stoppers

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Mick the fish:
I have 3 of these stoppers, one is ground two are not. They are clear glass but the raised fish are a pale green which does not show very well in my images. They measure aprx. 6cm tall, the fishy part is 4.5cm diameter the lower part is 2.5cm. Each stopper weighs aprx. 128grms. Being a keen angler I bought them and have wondered ever since as to who made them and where they come from and what they went into?
Any info would be appreciated.

Paul S.:
agree, very interesting, but regret no positive idea as to maker other than suggesting Lalique.    They often created large ball-shaped stoppers in order to show some creative moulding etc., and sometimes these had added colour  -  I think fish were among the motifs they used.        Failing which one of the other French makers of decorative bottles - either scent of booze - from the early deco period perhaps.                 Take it there aren't any matching Nos. on the stubs?

sorry this is a bit lacking in helpful information.   

Mick the fish:
Thanks for your reply, I had wondered if Lalique but the pale green colour didn't seem right, I associate Lalique with clear not colour. But as you say they did sometimes add colour I wonder as the moulding does look like Lalique.

Two of the stoppers do have numbers on the stubs, the one in my image is marked 34 one of the others has 14. The one with the ground stub has no number.

Thanks again for your help it's really appreciated.

Regards Mick

Paul S.:
Hi  -  the presence of matching Nos. doesn't of course give us any clues as to maker but the type of script might just push us in the direction of suggesting Continental or not.        There's no doubt that over the Channel they write Nos. a little different to the U.K., or come to that the States too.         Their 'hand' if often a tad more florid than us Anglo Saxons - cross bars on sevens etc.
But these are good looking and interesting to own  -  the fish are stylized we know, but they made me think of Piranha maybe ;D

Mick the fish:
The script looks Anglo Saxon what do you think?

The fish look more like Carp to me.

I have attached 2 images of the stubs.


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