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Author Topic: Not Koloman Moser by Oldřich Lípa - White opalescent vases with black appliques  (Read 598 times)

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I've been looking into these vases and bowls for a while because I own the Ashtray shape design.
(see links below to my query on the GMB on Ivo's thread and also to previous sales from various auction houses ). 

They are not by Koloman Moser c.1903 as they are often sold. They are by Oldřich Lípa.  They appear in the CGR 1968/10 with the various shapes all shown together in one group photograph and are noted in there as being by Oldřich Lípa. 

The numbers to the shapes are assigned as follows: 
The vase (shown in many links below) is 54055
The cigarette holder which is  tallish narrow bowl  54059
The ashtray is 54056
The wider shorter bowl is 54057

I believe they are part of the set of various designs referred to in this message from Moser to Ivo here and were also produced at Karlovarské sklo:,30223.msg198693.html#msg198693

'From Veronika Zvonarova at Moser's customer department, here is confirmation!

"I have forwarded your pictures to the identification department and was
informed that these your glass items are from Moser glassworks but were
produced in the period 1960 – 1975 under the brand mark “Karlovarské
sklo”. The designer is Oldřich LĂ­pa. These products were made in
different shapes and colours".'[/i]

The photographs of them sometimes seem to show them with black appliques on white glass and sometimes where they look opalescent and as though the appliques are grey.  This is because of the way they are photographed and how they catch the light/transmit the light.  They are all opalescent white glass with applied grey appliques.  The grey appliques appear black depending on how the light is transmitted.  The foot is also grey.  It appears black because no light is showing through it.

This was my query on Ivo's thread:,30223.msg349055.html#msg349055
did we ever work out whether this was also Moser and Oldrich Lipa - maybe from a 'series' or something?
or this one which appears sometimes with grey blobs and sometimes with black blobs

This one sold for Eu.1100 in 2006 - it has a reference for Koloman Moser and Loetz but I don't have the reference to check.
'Weite zylindrische Gefäßform, flach eingezogene Schulter, zylindrischer Hals, angeschmolzene, runde Standscheibe. H. 17,5 cm. Ausführung: Joh. Lötz Wwe., Klostermühle. Weißes Opalglas, kräftig farblos überfangen, zweifache Nuppenaufschmelzung sowie Stand aus schwarzviolettem Glas.
Vgl. Werner Fenz, Koloman Moser, Salzburg und Wien 1984, Farbtafel S. 81.' '

See also these links for examples:


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Great info! :)

Another misattribution corrected. But I wonder if it will have any impact on the world outside of this board...

Here is a link to excerpts from CGR 1968-10 with pictures and pattern numbers:

edit: found the >> link to that CGR issue

And a pic of my piece from the similar range with metal fibres in a clear glass blob. I love the opalescence in these.


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I think yours might also be the cigarette holder Michael.  How does it compare measurement wise to mine?:

12cm diameter across the base excluding the applique.
9cm height.

They are quite gorgeous - I look at them and think James Bond :)



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