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For show: Delatte Nancy vase blown in iron frame


Yesterday I picked up this phantastic piece: a vase from the 1920s/30s by Andre Delatte, Nancy.

Blue mottled glass with applied silver foil, blown in an iron frame.
It is enormous at a diameter of almost 25 cm. And extremely heavy.

Took me 10 minutes to find the mark (as I had expected that the piece was from Daum Nancy / Majorelle, and marked at the base).

Thanks for looking :)


flying free:

flying free:
It is also interesting and useful to be able to compare these pieces to say, Bohemian internally decorated pieces from the same period. 

When I spotted this, I first thought it is a Bohemian piece; to be honest I had never come across those French Art Deco pieces before.
Like these (probably Kralik) "Caged" pieces on CW:

So somehow I expected something a lot smaller when I picked it up -- to my surprise the whole thing was big and heavy at around 5 kg.



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