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History of the Auckland Bottle Works (Penrose / Australian Glass Manufacturers)

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Hi popawheelie and welcome to the board.  Just on the off chance that there was something, I've had a look through Angela's NZ Glass 4th Edition as well but it doesn't have anything more than the 2nd Edition does on the Auckland Bottle Works. 

There is a wee bit about the early days of Penrose on the MOTAT website here and another wee snippet here, whilst the National Library of NZ has 8 items relating to the ABW in its catalogue search here, and a blogger here has a long and interesting page with lots of photos of Agee products in an article on bottling

There is also a news article here which supports what Stuart said above re the chemistry of the sand and an archived version of the previous company website is on the Way Back Machine on - see which also links to this video on YouTube about the Penrose glassworks.

You may have already found all the above, but just in case you haven't I'm adding them for interest / cross-reference. I hope some of it may be useful.

Thanks for your help. I had seen most of those items, but appreciate your efforts! I wondered if it was possible for me to email Angela?

Anne, do you know how I can get hold of the 3rd / 4th editions of the NZ Glass book? Thank you,

Hi Sarah, the 4th edition is an eBook, not a printed one, and is available directly from Angela. Drop me an email directly and I'll forward it onto Angela for you.  (Click the wee envelope under my name on the left).


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