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Pressed glass satinated fruit bowl with cherries pattern - ID = Mikasa

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Pressed glass bowl with cherries pattern, diameter appr. 24 cm.

When I found it I was convinced it was Inwald / Barolac, but I guess it isn't. And searching the web and the board didn't come up with anything either.
Quality is quite nice, but I have no idea if it is old or quite recent...

Thanks for any help!


flying free:
Mikasa.  Labelled rectangle version here which I think is the same?

Round versions here:

I had a huge, gigantic leaf shaped serving dish by Mikasa - great quality.  I gave it away as a wedding present :)


Great, thank you so much! :)
A name not in my focus obviously...


flying free:
Not something I would want to collect to be honest :)

But it made a striking present (and would never have fit in my cupboards).


Mikasa is only a brand name but a lot of Mikasa glass is/was made by Walther Glass


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