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Copier Leerdam Vase?

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A nice charity shop find today, it was glowing on the shelf. I've got a few jugs in this type of glass but this is the first piece with an Andries Dirk Copier mark, used from 1914-67, as seen below in the Leerdam section. 16cm. high and 10cm. diameter, I'm not sure of its purpose, a vase or large drinking glass maybe.

I've seen one online identified as "winterbeker"/wintercup design from 1923 but I can't confirm that, but it is a drinking vessel.

It is Winterbeker pattern, several examples online.

Nice find.... I love charity shop hunting ;D ;D ;D

I do not collect this area, more of a Swedish, British, Japanese and animal figures collector but can appreciate it, so no competition at the charity shops from me lol

Good hunting


A Winterbeaker looks spot on, one of the nine beakers designed in 1923 so not a vase. That is early in Copiers career and he was only 22. Winterbeker became a name possibly because some beakers were decorated with a winter scene. According to Complete Copier by Joan Temminck and Laurens Geurtz that etched mark is on production glass circa 1923-1945 (different dates when on Serica).

A clear photo of the profile of the foot would be good.



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