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A glass cube, probably paperweight. Marked Moser. 4 cm per side! (1.57 inches)


Hi all. I got a hold of this amber color crystal glass cube. It is cleary marked with a sticker "Moser Made in Czechoslovakia" and an acid Moser mark.

I only find 2,2 inch cubes in different colors from US sites, in very expensive prices. (why would anyone pay 145 USD or for a solid single color glass cube? Are they collectibles?)
What is this one for, made when and why? And how can I expect to imagine any value for it?
It really is exactly 4 cm per side, ie. NOT 2.2 inches but 1.57.

Very thankful for any information.  :)

flying free:
see pages 122 - 126 for information.  I presume they are samples of the purity of the colours available and perhaps the cutting.


Thank you! :) Yes, I guessed the original meaning was to show colour and quality, just do not understand why they would be so valuable.
Also wondering the age of this size compared to those larger ones. Obviously pre 1992 because of the sticker.

flying free:
Px they are incredibly helpful usually when you email them. 
I think it's worth a try as they should be able to give you more information :)

Also, the size of yours  is metric European so conversely I'm wondering why the ones you've seen for sale would be 2" .  i.e. were they made especially for the USA market maybe?

I wonder if they came in sets in like a salesperson's briefcase to showcase their colours, cutting etc?



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