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This paperweight has a pulled feather look with a swirl to it. Center core is clear glass with a bubble in the top which lets one to view the pontil  mark on the bottom where it was broken off. The clear glass core is covered with white class and decorated with the feathered brown design.  The base is concave and fire polished with the pontil mark still visible. Size is 2 7/8" dia. x 2" high.

Would the style be described as marbrie?


This is not a Pulled Feather that requires the combing to be done in opposite directions.  My Orient & Flume Penholder photo I have posted is an excellent example of Pulled Feather.  I believe John has mentioned a Marbrie - and that is what I would call it also.  It is combed from bottom to top, but not in the other direction.  The second photo is a Marbrie from the net as I do not own one.



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