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Cambridge Etch 275 Sandwich Tray

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I meant to add this photo of the etching. As to the disposing of radioactive material I was discussing with someone recently how many broken pieces of uranium glass must have gone into landfill over the years and the tiny pieces which were never swept up and remain in people's houses to this day.

I'm told it's a  No.173 Centre Handle Server and is shown in the 1930 catalogue. Thanks to TallCakes on the Collector's Weekly site.

Thanks for the closeup, doesn’t look quite like I expected. The etched lines look quite wide and shallow, but the design of the half moon infill pattern does look similar to the St Louis version. Maybe St Louis was the inspiration for that aspect.

Yes there’s probably a lot of old uranium about in people’s houses (I wouldn’t be surprised if your house showed up on some sort of government detector ;D )...although I would be more concerned by asbestos!


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