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This is my latest uranium glass weight. It has an etched design on the base of a noblewoman riding a horse sidesaddle, with her dog beside her, in a country setting. There is an engraved decanter on the Collectors' Weekly site with this same design.

Recently I was looking at an unidentified one of these on eBay in a different colour. I was trying to decide how the design was achieved as I thought it might be engraved, I decided it was a form of enamel printing rather than etching or engraving, so something applied to the surface rather than removed from it. I think this can be seen on the large photo of the decanter on collectors weekly - would you agree with one in your hand Nev, can you feel if the design is raised? I suppose it could be a thin acid etch but hard to be 100% sure without a closer look.

I have linked below to the decanter with the same scene that is on collectors weekly, they say it is engraved and a contributor seems to be linking it to rock crystal and talk about high end engravers. Sure itís not engraved though...

Collectors weekly decanter (assume this is the one Nev mentioned):
And the photograph on its own:

Hello Ekimp, I thought my piece was acid etched but looking at it with a magnifying glass and running my nail over it I just don't know. It has a very slight lip to the edge so it may well have been applied, perhaps using a stencil, but it is very fine. That is the decanter I saw,  the main part of the design is the same and it does appear to be some sort of enameling? I haven't researched mine fully yet, perhaps there's something online detailing W&C production techniques.

Hi, it does look very fine (...too fine for acid?)

It appears to me as though it was printed in three overlaid stages as there are three distinct tones (excluding clear untouched areas). The main background tone looks similar to that of an acid frosted finish but the layers over that look very opaque - it reminds me of the Mary Gregory type images. I have a glass with just a horse printed on it that looks like a very similar process was used.

Itíll be interesting if you find something.

I wonder if this weight is definitely Webb Corbett or maybe something else? Looking at other similar Webb Corbett weights on google, they look to be reasonably simple engraved designs.

In reply 4 here:,51825.msg293935.html Wuff speculates that the printed type could be Murano, although Webb Corbett isnít ruled out.


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