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Micro Tankards from Japan.


Just 3 cm tall, I picked up 4 today, my first post in a while, I did well if this seller is correct  ::) ;D ;D

A very long time ago - probably the '70s, I had a set of tiny tankards like this.
They came in a packet of 6. Each had a piece of different fruit in it, pickled in some appropriate alcohol. There were little white plastic caps which fitted on the top.  ;D

That sounds interesting, never saw anything like that round here in the 70s.

I've been trying to remember where they came from and exactly what they were like. They were not the same bark sort of texture as yours, I think they had some pint glass style panels around the bottom half. They may well have come from a Carrefours supermarket in France.
But basically, they were novelty packaging for supermarket "posh" fruit liqueurs.
I hung onto them for years, but they were far too small for me when I did drink, and of no practical use after I gave up.  ;D
They could be used for chocolate pots.  :D
But I'd rather just sit with a spoon and the mixing bowl.  8)

Spoon and mixing bowl, not done that in years  ;D ;D


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