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Japanese Vase?

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I'm hoping one of the Mdina experts could help me with this recently purchased globe vase. I'm hoping it is an early Japanese vase, but the neck is not the usual button rim I would expect.
I'd love this to be a Harris era piece, but wondered if anyone had seen examples of this finished (or unfinished) rim before?

Maybe it is as simple as that and the piece just didn't get finished?
It is just under 7x7 inches.

Any help, advice or conjecture would be very much appreciated,

It seems to be the right shape and size for a Japanese globe. And the decor is fine.
Rims, especially from the Harris period can be very different. This is not one I am familiar with though.

How thick is the glass in the rim?

Sometimes, a raised rim can be very thick and cup shaped, sometimes there is no rim, just a hole (a bit like an inside-out), and most often a proper neck with a flange.
The cup shaped rim is the most like yours, the difference being a rounded bit at the bottom, or yours, which is angled.
I'd say it's safe to call it a Japanese globe. And definitely Harris-period.

A pic of the base, and one to see inside the rim would be very helpful.  :)

Thank you, Sue.
Your confirmation of it as Harris era has made my evening!
The rim is very think about a cm (measuring between my fingers so not the most accurate method  ;D) It's an incredibly thick and heavy vase, cased in clear glass.

I've attached some more pictures, but not sure if they will be of any more help.

As I said, you've already made my evening so thank you again,


Mostly a repeat of Sue's reply, yes definitely a Japanese globe vase - your second photo shows clearly that the vase was dipped into the pot on each 'side', the resulting trail of glass is visible too. This is the same process that Harris used in his fish vase design, the biggest difference between the two shapes is that your vase was left round and never flattened.

Date wise I would also assume while Harris was still in control (from the complexity of colour) but I am fairly sure Japanese Globes were made for a few years after he left too.

An example of a globe vase that was flattened:,32132.0.html


 ;D Is yours not the only flattened globe we know of, John? Or do you have an amethyst and yellow flattened one as well?
I'm thinking the non-standard rim and top are edging this towards Harris period rather than a bit later. It is also perhaps slightly on the smaller side. If something is non-standard, it does suggest it might be more experimental and learning. :)


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