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Japanese Vase?

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Thank you, Sue. I am certainly happy with it and very grateful for all your help and knowledge,

Just been looking at the globe vases I have here, the three Japanese globes do have a rim that is turned over a bit more than this one but they are definitely not what gets called a button rim. A couple of other globe vase do have button rims and looking at them I suspect they are earlier in date (for several reasons) - one is the pale yellow one you gave me some years ago Sue. Extrapolating from there it seems that these large well formed Japanese globes could be a bit later in date, say 1971 or 2.

The rim on this vase is also very similar in shape to the rims on the large textured bottles I have here - interesting if in a somewhat nerdy way!

I have seen another flattened globe on my travels Sue, forget where it was now but pretty sure that it had a similar colour to the one I have, not seen anything remotely similar in other colours or a smaller example either.

Thank you for the additional info, John. Much appreciated. Interesting to hear the button rim was not as ubiquitous on these pieces as I thought. A later date fits too, as Sue said, it is very neatly finished. Presumably after 72 they would have had a wider, flattened rim?
The neck also reminded me of the textured bottle vases ( I guess we're all glass needs on here) just slightly tapered out, whereas the textured glass seem to be slightly tapered in.
I had a beautiful large amethyst bottle, but I sold it. My wife was not a fan.
Thankfully she likes the Japanese vase.

Not sure how long they were made for after Harris left but I suspect it was only for a year or three - don't see that many around but occasionally they are dated. Rims got taller and wider generally but it is not a hard and fast rule.

Just spotted this, a Japanese Globe vase that has been partially 'flattened', never say never...!

The neat necks with flat flanges where a technique the Boffos introduced, not something Michael Harris sussed on his own. They can be used to assist with dating.


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