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Jablonec Dishes


I don't know the purpose of these 10cm. dishes, perhaps trinket dishes, or ashtrays which often appear in boxed sets of four. They are usually attributed to Vaclav Hanus for Jablonec. The Bohemia design on the box dates them to 1970's-80's. I've not yet found anything about "Saxony Quality".

I bet they glow! I believe these dishes are for serving butter curls.
It's an old fashioned way of presenting butter nicely at table. A spoon shaped tool with a wavy end was run over a block of butter, pulling a decorated curl off. This softens the fat, making it easier to spread, and divided the butter into neat little packages for the diner to lift. And they look pretty, piled up on a pretty little glass dish.  :) It could well be the case that each diner had their own butter dish.

Sue, I took a punt on them on Ebay hoping they would glow but sadly they don't. Anyway I thought the box was very interesting and at 99p. plus postage they weren't dear. Butter pats is a strong possibility.

 :o Oh well, I was fooled too.
As you say, the box alone has its own interest, and what interests me with it, is this.
Many years ago, there was the notion of a non-existent glass company which got attached to that label, and the glass community spent years getting the fake name removed from legend and rumour.
It has not been mentioned for some time now, which is really good news.

The logo bit with "Bohemia" in it is also used as a paper label.
Ther is no glass maker called royal bohemia, there never was.
(I didn't capitalise it so it wouldn't register quite so easily.)


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