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Czech glass - Jan Beranek, Karel Zemek and Oldrich Lipa

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I think Wayne may have misattributed that piece and that it is, in fact, an earlier Lipa piece. He seems to have based his attribution on the similarity to the Chribska pieces seen in the 1999 catalogue:
But I can't see any connecting glass bridge in the pieces shown there.


I have you exact same vase as yours somewhere and have always wondered which factory it belonged to.

Looking at the 1999 Chribska catalogue,  I can't seem to see a connecting bridge either in those designs.

Unfortunately, the photos have disappeared in the below thread, although the poster mentions a connecting bridge on the vase, which Jindrich believed was Chribska.,35450.0.html

Shame the photos are missing, not sure how often Jindrich looks in these days. 

The appearance of the Lipa pieces with the connecting rod looks quite different to the later Chribska pieces, with a darker inner core created.
For me it's not that confusing, and at least in the case of my vase, I feel satisfied that it is the right attribution. With many of these older threads, they probably weren't aware of Lipa's Karlovarske designs or were only dimly aware.


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