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Milk glass sugar shaker c.1785

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Thanks, I feel like I should wear white cotton gloves when handling it incase all the gold disappears…and paranoid about splitting the lid!

flying free:
I don't wear gloves but always think I should when handling my enamelled pieces.  I try not to touch the enamel or gilding at all.  Difficult.

This piece looks to be a similar kind of white glass - also gilded directly onto the piece:

You can see where the gilding was even when the gold has gone, I suppose it could be reapplied if someone wanted. You must have to watch out for gilding that looks too fresh I should think…unless it’s from a museum :) I would like to know how they cut the thread on my bottle!

The Corning piece looks a similar type of work although the gilding is very fine, maybe it’s some sort of print or transfer.

flying free:
I don't know how it's done but the gilding looks to have been applied (however it was done) on that goblet, then the design has been scratched through the gilding to show the white glass underneath.  Your stars will be hand-done.  Lots of enamellers and gilders working with the factories and for the factories.  That was a huge industry and cottage industry, so lots of manpower.



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