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Green Fish and Pheasant - Possibly Same Maker.. But who?


Good evening,
I purchased a fish and pheasant approximately 10 years ago in the SF Bay Area. I bought one at the Alameda Antique fair and I can't remember where I bought the other one...

Both bases are slightly concaved with the outer potion rounded and polished and the inner pontil more of a polished swirl. The pheasant is hand scribed with "W364255" on the base. The fish has no markings.

They look very similar and I can't seem to find anything on line that resembles either of them. Would anyone happen to know who made them? All theories and guesses are most welcome! LOL...

Thanks for your time.

See more photos..

Hello Dan and welcome to the board. Thanks for adding such lovely clear photos. I can't help with your ID but I'm sure someone else will be able to offer suggestions for you.

Thank you for the warm welcome Anne.
I thought these pieces might be a challenge to identify.
I have some easier ones that I could use guidance with that I'll post later...
Take care,


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