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Help please to date these 6 Joseph Riedel wine glasses

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Help please to date these 6 Joseph Riedel wine glasses.

I am also struggling to find any other cranberry coloured Riedel glass wine bowl.
All 6 are marked CJR 2 on the outer rim of the base and 4 centre of base.

Height just under 8.5"

Thanks Roy

Hi Roy,

There's a little info, in the below old thread, although pinpointing an exact year may involve a little more digging.  Perhaps contacting Riedel through their website might be worth a shot.

Thank you Greg.

flying free:
Beautiful.  Their glasses are incredible to drink from and to hold.

Thanks m
Maybe they date to the the 1960s or 70s. I will have to test them out and let you know.
They only cost 5 for the six of them.
Thanks Roy


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