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Help please to date these 6 Joseph Riedel wine glasses

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For 2 or three years in the 1970s my parents were gifted with extremely delicate, tall, thin-stemmed wine glasses in various shapes. The colors range from deep to transparent in a variety of hues and some iridescence. The colors generally appear in a gradient. They are marked CJR on the base for Claus Josef Riedel. I would guess that your glasses are from that period.
I am trying to find out more about this series. It is so obviously different from the regular line of Claus Josef Riedel stemware that it must have been a special named series during that time. Searching on line I have seen only a few examples of this series, including the six in your query.
The design element seems to have been pushed in this series, with particularly tall thin stems, and delicate graded colors.
I do not have these glasses on hand to include photos. I have just turned them over to an online seller.


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