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Orrefors, Sven Palmqvist, #3579/6 vases in some very tall sizes.

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I suspect you may have been a bit overwhelmed by the Lundins.  ;D
But these do sing very sweetly of quality.

 In the Swedish glass factories book, the catalogue for 1956 gives two sizes for PU 3579/6 225mm and 320mm.
It also shows only one colourway steel grey.
in the 1960 catalogue i cant find that same pattern number but there is pattern number PU3630/3 which is very close to your ones with a height of 290 mm.
The catalogues end in 1960 but maybe that vase continued to be developed and different heights and colours were made.
Hope this was of some use.

Thanks Tim.  :)

Thank you so very much for taking a look. The information I found for the much smaller sizes must have been incorrect.

The vases seem to be free-blown, or at least extensively worked after being mould-blown, so that might (at a push) place the different heights within the scope of handmade variation, but the two larger ones being more or less the same size reduces that possibility.

Might they be reliably dated to a specific production period via the labels?

And not to be confused with these Orrefors Lindstrand bits:


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