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Georgian/Regency revival glasses... ID = St Louis Crystal, France

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Steve in Cumbria:
OK, reset time.

I popped one of my pics into Google Lens, and it came up with this:

So... looks like the auction house where I got the original Waterford "confirmation" was in error.

My money's now on these being St Louis, Trianon pattern, basically as there are so many source references, including the St Louis website itself, it's hard to disagree:

Interesting that Google Lens picked the pattern up so efficiently; never used it before for glass IDs, but I think I will in future :-)

Lens does have it's uses, it won't solve every id however, not yet at any rate. It looks like you have a proper match there with St Louis. Going back to the original sellers photograph of their service, the third glass from the left does not appear to match the rest with what looks like a more rounded knop and an extra horizontal cut band. Perhaps they were the marked Waterford items...

flying free:
If there is a huge disparity in price though  I'd cry if I'd sold a whole stack of Saint-Louis Cristal glasses as Waterford by accident. 



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