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My Collection has stalled

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Hi all, moved into a new house and for the first time I put all my glass and closonne out in the main room. It takes up 4 display areas and it finally dawned on me that I have a lot of glass, mostly Archimede Seguso.

I was going to upgrade my lesser pieces to better ones but looking at all of it. I think I have enough, maybe a bit too much. The real test will be if I see a good piece of A.S. at a reasonable price!

Is anyone out there feeling the same way ?

 :) I ran out of anywhere to put shelves. I could cram loads more in there!  ;D
You have yours properly displayed. With space around each piece so you can see them properly.  8) 8) 8)
I have to keep pulling bits I want to admire out and put them on the coffee table next to me.  ::)

I have the same problem as Sue, no room for shelves, at the last count we had over 1,300 pieces of glass and that doesn't include other collectables ( we also have cloisonne ) beautiful collection  ;D

Wonderful to hear this. I thought I was getting out of control but I am just starting compared to you two.

Having moved into the new house I was concerned the joint was looking like a second-hand store!

I have glass on the middle bits of window frames, on top of the loo cisterns, on top of my kitchen cupboards, anywhere there is a flat space to put it. I have to shift things to open the bookcase. And it's hiding in corners of rooms and turns of the stairs, it's on top of the piano, dressing tables, mantlepieces. It's under things and in things.  ::)


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