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Unusually large Dartington Studio vase - design name please

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ian the sculptor:
Hi Sue,
Yes,Volcano is right. I have a large red charger I bought a few years ago (here with a small Tangerine beside it).

ian the sculptor:
Here's some more Farrago. The two on the right are Volcano with Ebony (black) inside. The one on the left is a variation on the tangerine which had blue inside but this is more yellow and shades of Volcano outside

I've seen a Faraggo charger with blue on one side and a sort of mustard colour on the other.
Your red charger is the same as the one I had made.
I do like the ones with lots of colours. That is a lovely image with the three together, Ian.;D

ian the sculptor:
Did you get rid of your charger, Sue? I bought this one about 5(?) years ago. I also have 2 vases in the same deep red with gold. I agree about the more colourful pieces. I do have few more Volcanos including another large one. And some interesting variations. This is one that didn't get cased in clear, so it has an alligator skin appearance. A friend has another like this.

I did, but I don't think you have it - the foil pattern is quite different. I can't resize any more, but I could send you images if you wanted. Click on the envelope under my name to get in email contact if you do.
That latest image of the uncased reptile is not terribly unlike Alchemy.  ;D
I like it.  ;D


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