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Any interest in early American, pair of engraved vases, blown and molded c.1830,


  Gadrooned vases with engraved 3 leaf and daisy much favored in Pittsburgh in the first half of the 19th century. Typical 20 rib molded lower bowl from an extra applied gather of glass. Lead glass. Rough pontil. Approx. 8 1/2 in. tall.


  Yes, very nice, very rare and I am very fortunate to have acquired a pair. I could find only one other vase of this type engraved in the leaf and daisy [pictured], it resides in the Brooklyn Museum. Seems to be at least a handful of variants.

  Some examples in the Corning Museum: Engraved leaf and daisy by accession number. 50.4.186, 50.4.263, 50.4.254a & b, 55.4.47, 94.4.9,and 99.4.82
                                                 Differently Engraved vases of the same type by accession number: 50.4.255, 50.4.256, 55.4.53, and 55.4.270


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