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Mdina signed ink pot or perfume bottle what date ???


Purchased a lovely colored piece of Mdina studio glass
recently and thought that the shape of the curves and colors
were really strong but wondered what date it might have been
made, It also has a tidy small polished pontil scar and signed Mdina.
If anybody has any ideas would love to find out more about it thanks

I think it was around the time Vicente Boffo left that polished round pontil marks stopped being used. This is a very nice early bit, beautiful colours. The writing of the word Mdina was done by Marie, Boffo's niece who worked in the factory offices.
With the ink pots, you can tell early from late more by the shape. Early ones have nicely curved sides, like cuddly little slightly squished doughnuts that fit perfectly and satisfyingly into the palms of your hands.
The later ones are less colourful, often a bit taller and have straight up and down sides.

Thank you very much " Like cuddly little squished donuts " couldn't have put it any better  :)
Great :)

You have shown the side with a lovely swathe of clear amber from the silver salts - it doesn't happen too often, but when it does, you get lovely greens appearing when you look at it from the right angle. I really love these little pots. Can you tell? ;D


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