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Squirrel inside Glass Paperweight - Murano ?


Hello,  I have recently come across this unusual paperweight - a squirrel holding an acorn inside on a blue ground with mixed colour spatters.  Flat polished base.  Approx 3" diameter and 2.75" high - Is this Murano - never seen anything like it before  ?

Any help much appreciated !


Yes, certainly looks like a Murano to me. I have seen several weights like this encasing a ceramic animal. Here are two of mine, one has flowers the other a bird,

Yes, your squirrel is from Murano probably made at Ferro & Lazzarini. I collect flamework paperweights from Murrrano. Good examples are uncommon but the best were made at Ferro & Lazzarini.

Dave's examples include one colored sulphide made by Vladimiro Furlan, LLP. The Bird with berries is true flamework - It comes from a small series of birds from an unknown maker but I suspect that they were made at F&L.


Eric - bird paperweight was actaully bought ina  small shop i the backstreets of Venice and has a paper label on the back with the handwritten name BARBAR DEL ZORRO
Don't know who this lady is but just thought I would let you know

Many thanks for all your replies - my initial hunch was Murano and whilst the squirrel is quite rustic in form the rest of the weight felt classic Murano to me


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