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ID for a Millefiori Paperweight.

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Hi all my wonderful knowledgeable friends on Glass Messages

I picked this nice paperweight up in a charity shop for a couple of pounds and before I add anything to my glass collection I always try and research the item so I know its pedigree.

This is a good looking red, white and blue Millefiori paperweight. Measuring approx 8cms diameter and has a polished concave base with no identification marks or stickers.

Could this possibly be a John Deacons or a Murano maker? I would appreciate any pointers in identifying this lovely paperweight.

I have checked every image on and extensively on the net but not found a near match. I have another two paperweights I wish to find out designer maker date which I have added as separate topics.

Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.

With best regards

Gary - Glass Amore

I don't know that much about paperweights but I don't think it's Murano and that it's too old for john Deacons. The glass looks quite grey. Perhaps one of the "old English" makers

Thank you Christine - I will keep looking and hope I find a maker and date.
BTW i love all your gallery etc; a great source for research.
Thanks again
With best regards
Gary - Glass amore

Hi Everyone on Glass Message board

Could this be a H G Richardson Millefiori Paperweight. I'm still searching. Any pointers would be super.
Thanks in advance
With best regards
Gary - Glass Amore

Only my personal opinion but it looks like Whitefriars late 60's or very early 70's to me - just before they started using signature canes


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