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"Kold or Hot" Uranium Glass Jelly Mould - ID = Marsden Glass Works

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As there's some interest in old kitchenalia I thought I'd post this. It's marked " Kold or Hot Utility Glass, Trade Mark Reg. App. For U.S. Pat. Off. Sanitary Food Molds". It's a very pale green but glows really well under UV. I'd imagine it's 1930's but can't find much about it.

There are a few other examples of the same thing around t'internet, Nev. It appears to be a USA made item, going by the US trademark, and the spelling of mold. I'll move it to the USA forum for you.

Thanks Anne, the last time I looked there were none online, now there are several. I'm not sure who made them, possibly Corning?

Hard to tell Nev, unless we can track down a copy of the US trademark file for it. I've asked the librarians at the Rakow Library at Corning Museum of Glass if they can help.

What is the patent number please?


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