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From Germany to South Africa


I'm fairly new to collecting glass but have been a lover of second hand and charity shops forever.
I found this great condition undamaged teapot in a second hand shop here in South Africa recently and immediately felt it had some age and maybe some value. I believe it's German and it came from the home of an elderly German Gent who had recently passed away.
 I was lucky enough to pay R50 (2 and a half quid) for it.
The lid and 'sieve' seem moulded but the body looks blown.
I'm originally from Stourbridge, West Midlands and did work experience at a glass works about 100 years ago so I can see it's quality.
Any information about it would be much appreciated :)

Hi and welcome. Looks like a good find, here is a similar one in the British Museum. Designed by Heinrich Löffelhart for Schott and Genossen, 1955-1960:

Yours looks like the earlier design from 1930-1934 by Wilhelm Wagenfeld that the later British Museum one was based on, same factory:


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