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Scailmont Dressing Table Trays


This 25cm. brush tray and 13cm. pin tray were made by Scailmont in the town of Manage. I think they are probably from the early 20th century. They are part of the set shown here which states they were designed by Henri Heemskerk, but they may pre-date him.

The seller in the link I gave would appear to be Belgian and seems very certain that the set was made by Scailmont. She doesn't state whether the pieces are marked though, it is certainly similar to other pieces by them. However I've just noticed the Brockwitz 1030-40 set on GTS which shows my pieces as being the 1037 Comb Tray and 1039 Pin Tray. I know there was some cross over between Czech and Belgian glass patterns, could this be one of them?


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