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Mdina numbered base.


Bought this vase today, i think its called crystal blue stripe pattern.
I did not see any of these textured cylinder vases online and wondered if this was a common or uncommon shape.
The numbers on the base look like a year date and maybe a run number ?.
Any help gratefully received.

Sorry, the vase is 195mm tall and 77mm in diameter.

This is a later reincarnation of crystal blue stripe, made in the bark mould used for cylinders. Earlier on, the bark texture was used only with Tortoiseshell or teal with silver salts decor. Both are Harris originally, but he didn't put this shape with the decor. The plastic label puts it into the '90s. I don't know what the numbers mean.  :)

Thanks for the information Sue, i have now seen some images of the tortoiseshell bark vases on the net.
And thanks for putting a date to the label.


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