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St. Louis France Vase, Claude Bromet, collection Alizé



I just found your forum and am delighted to see such knowledgeable people here!

I live in Germany, and inherited this very heavy crystal, hand-blown vase from Saint Louis France ages ago.

Height 23 cm (9 inches) measured from the highest point
Width 8,5 cm (3,35 inches)
Weight ca. 3-4 kg (105 - 141 oz)

I contacted a French auction house for ID that was recommended on the St. Louis website, and got an instant reply!

The vase was designed by Claude Bromet, the collection is called Alizé.

I was able to track down three more vases from the collection. They range from $132 to $749, and are roughly the same model.

Someone wrote it was created for the 250. anniversary of the St. Louis crystal works in 1990, but for me it doesn´t make so much sense when the manufacture was founded in 1586. Maybe they refer to a different date in 1740, not the founding.

Judging from the design, the 90s do make sense.

Does anybody have more info on the collection? I want to sell this vase, but have no idea where. Would be offering it to an auction house make sense?


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