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Mystery frosted pressed glass dogs

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Hello and hope all are keeping well
I picked these 2 up in a hurry at a boot sale and assumed they were a pair , possibly knife rests, but now realise they are in different poses.
They are very well made and im having doubts about my first assumption that they were Chinese. Cant figure out what is depicted under the dogs bodies (cobble stones ?) They are 3" long and between 2.5" & 3" tall.  Ive done my usual research but come up empty handed, any thoughts anyone?
Thanks in anticipation

I can see what you mean about having thoughts of Chinese origin,a definite nod of the head towards Sancai glazed ware ,..the line decoration looks a bit Chinese aswell .

Thanks for your comments and I agree about the Sancai glaze look. Were it not for the Chinese influence they scream French. Heavy, well cast and lovely frosted finish... still its early days and someone may just say ....ohh yes I know about these ...LOL

If they are sitting on money or jewels they maybe something to do with Feng Shui .

Pics are too small to see the details, but these are certainly Chinese in origin. Liuli technique (pate-de-cristal), popular from around the 90s onward, after Liuligongfang revived the technique in the late 80s in Taiwan, though mainland production seems to have peaked in the 2000s to 2010s. These were possibly made to celebrate the year of the Dog -- Chinese Zodiac animals are a popular motif in liu-li. If so, this would mean they were likely made for 2006 or 2018 Spring Festival. Are there any characters or other marks on them?


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