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Identification Help - Authentic Jean Claude Novaro Painted Vase?

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Hello, my first post here.

Is this painted glass vase made by JC Novaro? It's dimensions are 8 1/2" tall by about 7" wide, and it's pretty heavy. See the photos, I tried to include a shot where you can make out the inscription on the bottom. Looking at other works of his online the inscription seems to be similar - some online have his signature as well, but this one doesn't. I believe the date says 1995.

Thank you for any information you can provide, I appreciate it.

Hi Bt3d,

Welcome to the Glass Message Board.

Interesting piece, as you have found Novaro's work can be found signed Novaro only or with the addition of his scripted signature.

I suspect your vase is perfectly ok, however to be completely sure, I would email Biot glass in France, their details can be found in the below link.

Hope this helps,

Lovely vase but not painted: all the colour is within the glass, though applied in a painterly style

Hello Greg/Lustrousstone -
Greg, from your recommendation I reached out to Biot and a very nice woman named Fanny replied that it is a real Novaro piece, and a little extra info:

"This piece is a real Novaro vase.

It is a rather rare piece which was made using a technique of 2 firings with paint."

That sounds super interesting, I will definitely read more into that technique!

I wanted to thank you both for your replies and assistance.

You're welcome Bt3d, thank you for updating this thread.

Looks like a great piece!


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