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Neodymium + sommerso glass bear - Help with ID - Seguso?

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Hi all,

I need some help trying to ID the maker of this neodymium and ruby red sommerso piece. it is 15 cm tall and has a flat bottom.
I have seen some similar color pieces attributed to Archimede Seguso. Any ideas?

Also, what kind of animal is this?   :o  Looks like a bear with a long nose, maybe an anteater?

Thank you,


I know of some slightly comical animals made in a similar style with this red internal feature by da Ros of Cenedese. Might be a good place to start a search. I've found some pieces with neodynium glass too.

Thank you Sue, will do some research in that direction!

Have we spoken before?
- I suddenly see you have not posted often, so if I haven't said hello and welcome before, hello and welcome now. :)

Yes! I see now you offered some help in a previous post of mine regarding a possible Jablonski piece!

Glad to chat with you again and thanks for your help!  :D


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