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Neodymium + sommerso glass bear - Help with ID - Seguso?

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The tail possibility really makes sense, since the bigger from the two carved areas is placed exactly in the bottom-middle of the back.

Thank you M, it just didn't occur to me that could be a possibility!

As per the animal, the Sun bear really fits well I would say. I guess unless I come across a publication with this piece I might have to live with the mistery of not knowing 100 %.  :)

Thanks for all the hints :)

flying free:
but a Sun Bear doesn't have a tail.  Perhaps that's why it's polished the way it is though?  Hmmm.


--- Quote from: JayM on July 18, 2023, 06:42:38 PM ---I noticed two small areas on the back of the piece have been carved and polished. Do you think it was common practice for companies to try and correct any imperfections such as bubbles through this method?

--- End quote ---

Yes seen that few times over the years, usually but not always close to the base on an item. Given that they are not all that unusual perhaps the items were originally sold like that, a quick fix used to hide a small production flaw.


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