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Neodymium + sommerso glass bear - Help with ID - Seguso?

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flying free:
May be a honeybear?

I did wonder about Zelezny Brod Sklo but I don't know enough to know if they produced that colour combination.  They used neodymium but I couldn't see any online with the red.

This is a marked ZBS owl for ear comparison although I suspect that might not be a defining factor :)  :

It might indeed be a honey bear! I thought it had a long and pointy snout but now I see it might be a tongue sticking out! Thank you  :D

Will look into Zelezny Brod pieces.

Thanks for the hints   :)

flying free:
Following chopin-lizst's suggestion of Da Ros I found this hippo which has a similar feel re curvature of the body etc:

It seems on the few Cenedese I could find with labels that the eyes are similar to those on your piece. 

I'm now not sure Železnobrodské sklo made pieces with the eyes done in that way but suggested it because the organic nature of the shape felt quite like some ZBS designs as well as the use of neodymium.

For comparison a ZBS animal here at auction:


Thank you! I just found this piece attributed to Cenedese as well.. this one has no label but all toghether it seems to point in that direction...

Thank you Sue and M for the help  :)

flying free:
Is that one positively id'd through a label or signature though? 

The thanks are all to Sue :)  I'd never have thought of Da Ros as Murano glass isn't something I collect.



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