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Newly acquired vase - correct name?

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Anne E.B.:
I've just bought this signed Mdina piece.  Its only 7" high and 4.24" at its widest.
Any lines or white patches are either folds in the glass or light reflections.
What is the correct name for this particular design please?
TIA  :)

Officially, it's a Fish.
But it does have an informal and slightly rude name in some circles. I'll tell you in a pm and let you decide whether to put it in writing.

Anne E.B.:
 ;D ;D ;D
I wasn't able to send a pm reply for some reason  ::)
I'll leave it as a Fish ;)

This particular reworking of the Fish design comes with a white inner too. It's from the '80s, not too long after Said took over.
I don't know why you couldn't reply, Anne, but you did get my message. I can only apologise if it spoils your appreciation of the piece. But I do find it very funny. :-*
Anybody with burning curiosity can ask us for a pm, or do some guesswork.  ;D

Anne E.B.:
Its my fault entirely as I couldn't find the send button ::)  My daughter's constant refrain is "PARENTS AND TECHNOLOGY!" accompanied by eye rolling ;D
We had a good laugh and I think she will find it hilarious when she comes round later today. She actually spotted it in her local charity shop for 4 :o
It hasn't put me off the piece.  I quite like the shape, even though you can't really see it sideways, and don't usually do pink.

When I first got my hands on it (I think I've lead a sheltered life ;D) I immediately  thought - Krystal Carrington from Dynasty.  Huge 80s shoulder pads and low cut v-neck outfits, although I don't think her neck was as long  ;D

I did think it might be an axe head vase of some sort, so good to know what it actually is.


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