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I have 4 paperweights I just got from my aunt so I can sell them online for her, she got them in an inherited estate so I'm not sure about them.
I know the red flower one is from China as it has a sticker on the bottom.
Please help me, I need to post them but have no idea what they are or if they are worth anything. Thank you for reading and any responses.
The brown bubbles one has a clear bottom
Flower is satin but like I said made in china sticker
The firework looking one has a satin bottom
The patterned one has a slight concave bottom

Second picture, the one on the right is Scottish, Perthshire maybe.  ;D

I am inclined to think the one Keith thinkis is actually a Strathearn.  This link may help


That was my alternative idea  ::) ;D

I saw strathearns and thought it looked like that one but wasn't sure, I don't know if I should sell them as a bundle or individually, as they don't have markings


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