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Help with a Kosta Boda bowl please


Hi all

I bought this bowl earlier this week in a second-hand shop while I visited my mum in Sweden.

It has a Kosta Boda sticker but seems to be unsigned. I can't find any other markings.

I've looked through quite a few KB catalogues but can't find the bowl in them.

The shape seems to be like an Attoll but I can't find any with this leaf/stem design.

Any pointers would be hugely appreciated.



Some more photos

At there are quite a few modern-ish KostaBoda catalogues.

Ecven though I have scanned 1000+ pages some months ago, I can't say I reconize it, but maybe I just don't remember them all...

The placement of the label is odd and that black text on white paper indicates a second. I don't recall seeing this design before.


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