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Help with proper care for 22K Gold Overlay Imperial Glasses


Hi there! I have a large set of 22K Gold Overlay Imperial Glass Shoji Highball/Tall and Lowball Barware Glasses from Imperial Glass Co.  These are from the 60's and have the IG marking on the bottom. I've had them just for show on my shelf since I bought them from an estate sale but recently I wanted to drink out of one on a special occasion. I went to hand wash it and even though I was being gentle, some of the gold started to come off as I cleaned it! Obviously super disappointing and I don't want to cause more damage so I dried it off as gentle as I could and haven't used one of the glasses since. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on ways to re-seal the glassware or some care instructions so that the glasses can be used without the gold turning to glitter and flaking off. Open to any suggestion!!

Hi and welcome.  :)
I don't think I can help you much, but can you tell us what you found underneath the bits where the gold flaked off?
Is there a kind of raised line of yellow or white stuff that the gold had been attached to?
Knowing what you found the gold came off from, might help others to help you.
It would help us to work out how it was put on in the first place.

That the gold is flaking off suggests it wasn't properly fired on, as gold usually wears away. I doubt there is much you can do apart from not using them and only gentle dusting, no washing


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