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Italian glass lamp parts .. 1970s


Ended up with a shipping container full of glass lamp parts.. best I can tell from 1970s ..huge amounts of them ..all nos I'm plain unmarked boxes ..béen researching a couple years now and still only know one thing ..they are made in Italy some parts clearly marked emploi stickers no one I've found yet had ..some from campania idk ..little red metal sticker says made in Italy on a lot of it say lamp base made in Italy in metal gold stickers ..some parts have both stickers on same parts idea who sent parts to USA or why ..don't know where they were going ..some not on internet anywhere ..wondered if I'm at the right place to find answers ..I get alot of opinions which are great ..but nothing confirmed as of yet on anything ..could  be empoli could be Marino ..only thing I'm almost sure of its venition ..all documentation i have found states venition .. not sure where to start to show it or explain .. it's a time capsule from 1970 I'd be happy to share with anyone needing info for reference .. any help figuring out where is was made is appreciated .. all I have come up with so far is basically opinions with no way to confirm or deny anything .. except its venition glas (at least some of it ) from Italy .. thanks was  gonna do pictures but I'll do alblem a lot of parts 5 new stickers .. thanks

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Shipping container I have I about determined it's balboas last shipment of glass .. nos Italian lamp parts ..

I've got a lot of info from other social media but to much misinformation to decide what is true what is false .. this seems like a lot of good people read a lot of posts ..with a little help I can explain balboa the dept store lamps and solve mystery of Balboa that's been going on since 1955 ..

Question one ok why did an importer have export stickers .. this one zeroed me in he wouldn't he had a furnace... Maybe 2 he had Paul wholesale sticker too .... I've about seen that one and need to know rule about export stickers on island .. we all know Balboa is not a factory or anything on Murano island .. it is in new York city  so is Paul's .. ok not a Murano export sticker then where did he make his glass .. when I see a Balboa venetion glass sticker ya know what I see ... A generic made in Italy with no mention of location and a business name .. not a guarantee of where glass was made or even if it is venetion .. it clearly states this is balboas venition glass .. not Murano ..

Second how do stickers work .. can glass from empoli campania and Murano have same sticker or are they regional ..? This will explain everything. .. phone is about dead let me charge it come back with pictures ..


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