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Bagley Bedford pink


Quick question. Has anyone ever seen a 7 peice Bedford set in pink? I'm starting to doubt the existence of it. There's a few sets like this ( Sowerby 2612 in green only seems to only be a 5 peice set.. Libochovice 2113 seems to not exist at all..) 

Hi Walden, Bagley Bedford was normally sold as a 4-piece set (tray, 2 x candlesticks & large lidded pot). Larger sets were available with smaller pots added but the advert I've seen doesn't say how many smaller pots - I'd presume 2, which would make a 6-piece set.  My Bedford set only has 4 pieces (incl the large lidded pot), and checking the images we have on GTS most appear to be 4-piece sets, but we do have one photo of a large and small post side by side.

Thanks Anne. I can confirm that blue, uranium and amber all had small pots and pin trays. No idea the number. I managed to fit 5 on the tray. But that's unlikely the correct amount. I've just never seen small pots ot pin tray in the pink colour



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