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Red numbered bowl,

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I'm afraid I have to agree with you. I have looked at many old Orrefors - Vicke Lindstrand auction results over the past month and have also come to the conclusion that it is probably not his. The shape and so much color do not really fit in with his work from the 1930s. Most of it is clear glass with engravings and sparse minimal color. So I assume Kristina from Kosta Art Gallery was probably wrong.
I also found it strange that the bottom only has 3 scratches. There were some round felt pads underneath, but you would still expect some fine scratching.
What is it ?
I'm almost starting to think that it could well be a Leerdam unica, in terms of shape it could very well be Floris Meydam and the color is also known there.
I am not familiar with their signatures of unica pieces, usually you can see that they are Leerdam or initials of the designer.



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