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Red numbered bowl,

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John thanks for that Orrefors suggestion.
I've been looking at their signatures and see you're right. Usually in full, but also abbreviations and even just a numbering.
Also searched all their designers, and because of the clear solid glass bottoms I end up with Nils Landberg ??
In that case, the first two could be a capital O and L.   I thought the 2nd was a failed 2 because of that wave at the bottom (but that already seemed quite illogical to me).
The O should then stand for Orrefors. Coincidentally, the L looks exactly like the Nils Landberg L, also with that wave at the bottom (in his own signature, Nils Landberg).  So in that case there would stand OL 14. 02. or maybe OL 12/. 02 . So the second vase (02) from an edition of 12 vases 12/02 (or 14 vases 14.02) ?

Today I mailed Orrefors with these questions. I already received an email back that it could take a long time because of the holidays, nr #....... Seems pretty reliable to me.  Will let you know. 
If it's negative I can already take them out, Val Saint Lambert is now also on that list haha.

Christine you're right about the color, almost all Czech factories are already on that list too.

Here a picture from a Nils Landberg signature with a L (waved at the base).
I asked the Etsy seller for permission to use them for this topic.

The bowl is from Orrefors and the designer is Vicke Lindstrand.
Yesterday I received this answer from Kristina from Kosta Boda.
Nils Landberg had the signature N in Orrefors and Vicke Lindstrand had the signature L.
O = Orrefors L = Lindstrand and I believe 14 is the product number. I'm not sure about O2, it's normally the year of production but I do not find any O2 in the Orrefors books.
Best regards, Kristina
Kosta Art Gallery

John thanks for the push in the right direction, so you were right. I am of course very happy with the outcome. 
And for Anne ... I see that the color is more common also there :-)
One question remains, when was it made.  Lindstrand died in 1983.  I have searched for some new information but have not found anything.
Hopefully someone has more information (books) about this bowl.


Lindstrand designed for Orrefors for a relatively short part of his career, up until around 1940 I believe. That would make this pretty modern for a 1930s design I reckon, it could have been made at any point after it was designed and when he was working elsewhere. I don't see many Lindstrand designs from Orrefors (plenty from his later years at Kosta) so that makes your bowl quite interesting as far as I am concerned!


This is not a piece of Orrefors, that signing is totally inconsistent with their production.


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