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Large Heavy Yellow Art Glass Vase With Bubble - ID = Jeronim Tišljar

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Found this heavy weighted vase with the bubble in the bottom quite
stylish in my opinion seems to not be made yesterday by the wear on the
bottom. The yellow is an internal color only very thick wall, The piece has
a Scandinavian feel and weighs 3 kg and is 6.25" tall. Thanks for looking

Interesting find.

I would suspect either a contemporary piece or possibly Czech. Your piece has some similarities to the Vizner egg vase, although the the Vizner design is a slightly different shape and doesn't have a bubble towards the base. I don't know if there are variations on the Vizner design, however, might be worth exploring.

This must be related I reckon:

Has me thinking Studio Ahus but bit of a wild guess.


Good spot John, definitely looks more related

Your knowledge has no bounds  ;D Thanks very much Cheers mate!


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