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Hello again,

I found the very similar "Walpurgis" bowl on the GTS site and searching from that found the 2014 thread on GMB.

I'm wondering if any further information has turned-up about it since then?  Was it ever established whether it was part of a set, a stand-alone powder or trinket bowl or just a similar looking piece of tableware?

I found this one in a charity shop recently.

TIA for any help.

I have seen a photo of one of these with a sticker on it saying "Greetings from England" I dont know if that helps with ID or not.  :-\

Hi Jayne,

I'm not sure it helps by itself but do you remember where you saw the photo ?  If I could look at it, I can keep an eye open for the same sticker on other pieces of glass which might add more clues depending on where they're found?

Hi theElench,

It was several years ago, for sale online in the UK, unfortunately you can't see anything much at all.

Well, at least we can see it's blue !  ;D

Will keep an eye out the same on other pieces.


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