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fully labelled Bohemia Glass bowl - cannot identify! Skrdlovice?

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flying free:
Have had this for years but not been able to identify it despite it being labelled  ::)

I have checked through Skrdlovice and also Chribska catalogues and everything I can find online but my instinct is that it's a 1950s Skrdlovice bowl.   (could be totally wrong of course)
The label is foil and I think was registered in the late 1950s.  The top label is yellow/gold and says Bohemia Glass.  The bottom label is also foil and has some modernist capital letters on it but I cannot for the life of me work out what they read. 

I had though it might be Jan Beranek originally but I don't think so now.  It could be fairly unusual because I've only found one other and that was in an amber brown colour.  That one said Jan Beranek on it but no reference to year or catalogue so I think may have been a wild guess.

The green colour in the top photo is very representative.  It's a curious green, an old green somehow.  A sort of leaf green if that means anything. 
Any help very much appreciated and thank you for reading.

flying free:
with lots of messing around with lighting I think the silver label reads HANDMADE!

flying free:
Handmade label isn't helpful but someone might have seen it on something else I guess.
It has big round indents in either side of the foot front and back and despite the photographs it is all completely green cased in clear.  No trace of other colours at all I don't believe.

I remember also thinking Jan Broz might be a possible at one time but again cannot find anything to match up.

It could be this one, second from the top, by Jan Broz.

flying free:
Thank you for looking Nev. Much appreciated.  The top view of the one second from top does look very similar and promising ... but then the side view of the bowl doesn't look the same  :-\   So annoying.  I suppose it might not be Skrdlovice and I am perhaps being swayed by my instincts.  So frustrating.

I forgot to put the size - it's 20cm long by 8cm high and has a flat polished base.


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