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Filigree shaft - what do you think?

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Mars from Isergebirge:
Judging by where it was discovered, it's most likely Karlsthal or Josephinenhutte, but I'll appreciate your opinion.

flying free:
It might also be worth posting this on the paperweight board.  It looks like a stem of a goblet from the photograph?
Something like this (but these are very old)

This site often has a good collection of Josephinenhutte items:

 From what you say you have the books that seem to me most likely to be able to identify this. 

I could not see anything similar in Paperweights, Jargstorf.

It's a whole world of info and knowledge out there on paperweights of that region from what I can see reading online but you have the book 'Kordasiewicz, Marek, Glass Paperweights, The Heritage of the 19th Century Riesengebirge and Isergebirge Glassworks' already.  Is there any paperweight in the book with that cane in it?

There is nothing similar in From Neuwelt to the Whole World.

I think the paperweight collectors would find it very interesting.


flying free:
This is a Josephinenhutte paperweight sold at Bonhams.
If you copy and paste the picture into word it will enlarge to show a similar filigrana spiral but it's not the same.  More white threads and only one? perhaps of the red.  But it might be worth going through the paperweights you can find to see if you spot a match?

Mars from Isergebirge:

--- Quote from: flying free on September 29, 2023, 10:23:32 PM ---But it might be worth going through the paperweights you can find to see if you spot a match?

--- End quote ---

Well, check out this one for example:

flying free:
I don't think that has the same filigrana cane in it?  If that's what you're asking me?

That has a similar filigrana cane to those seen in some paperweights but none have a cane like yours - there is one red thread in the spiral rather than like yours which has multiple red threads.



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