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Hunebelle Lamp Identified as Vase on Glass Museum Page-Help?


I recently acquired a Hunebelle ceiling lamp (at least, it is set up as a lamp), but I see the exact same piece of glass identified elsewhere online as a Hunebelle vase, including on the Glass Museum website.  The lamp parts appear to me to be period-correct (double wire cord, 1920s looking plug, red and black on/off switch, etc).  Truly, when I look at the glass, the lip seems kind of ungraceful and more likely to be intended to fit into a light fixture.

However, I don't have any reference books or particular knowledge about Hunebelle, and frankly only a little knowledge about glass in general.  Is there anyone here who can tell if this is a true Hunebelle lamp or a "marriage" of a vase to a fixture?  It all fits perfectly together and looks the same age, barring the recent amber flame bulb.  I probably should have pulled that before taking the pics, sorry!

The names on the fixture parts are Leviton and Meteor.  Leviton has certainly been around for long enough.  Meteor I think may be a model name. 

I appreciate any help you all can give me!

I hope I did the images correctly...we'll see here when I post!

This is a table lamp, not a ceiling lamp. The upper gallery fitting looks incorrect to me (lamps such as this would typically come with silk shades, not a globe), but the lower fitting with the internal bulb might be contemporary with the vase. No idea if Hunebelle offered this vase as a lamp himself, but either way, set ups such as this were common at the time (see also the Jobling B1/2/3 vases which were also available with lamp hardware). It looks like the cord enters from the top on yours: this is good as it means the vase hasn’t had to be drilled. I may be able to add more after I’ve had chance to dig out my copy of Benazet’s book on Hunebelle.

Edited to add: the vase model is catalogued as ‘Rose’ and was available in 2 sizes: 15.7cm tall and 22.5cm tall. A photo from Hunebelle’s premises in 1930 shows many mould blown vases in this style mounted as lamps with silk or paper shades in various tapered or conical shapes, so it’s certainly possible that the lower fitting is original.

Information from: Andre Hunebelle Maitre Verrier, Periode 1927-31, by Louis Bénazet, 2006.

Thank you so very much.  That is an incredibly helpful reply, with details I could not have figured out on my own.  I really appreciate you taking the time to look that up for me.

No wonder I couldn't find it by googling with ceiling in my search terms!


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